Protecting the Environment

We all need clean air, wood, soil, and safe food to survive. So why is Congress opposed t them?

During Season 7 of Game of Thrones, Sir Davos says “If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together we will die. Then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” I paused when I heard that line. Isn’t that exactly where we are a species. We are killing ourselves, killing our…

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Our members of Congress must be public servants first

Call me an idealist if you want. Call me a Constitutional purist. Or just call me an ordinary, working American. But the single biggest problem in our state and national governments is that our elected officials have forgotten a founding principle. Our elected official are first and foremost, public servants. They are elected to serve…

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Net Nuetrality

Support a Free and Open Internet

I have been online since 1986. That was the year the Freedom of Information Act and a company called Compuserve made online communication affordable and accessible to Americans and created the foundation for what the world know now knows as The Internet. As I worked to expand the family business into international markets, I experienced…

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Medical Marijuana – 2

DEA Fact Sheet : Marijuana

Have you ever watched a loved one suffer the unbearable pain of chemotherapy and felt hopeless to help? How about an aging loved one suffer with Parkinson’s, or seizures, or PTSD? How about the side-effects from pharmaceuticals that are supposed to help? It’s heart-wrenching. You watch the pain and suffering and feel helpless. You try…

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Medical Marijuana

Denis Ross boasts about "Preventing Veterans Administration Doctors from Recommending Marijuana as Medicine"

Many of my college students are veterans and high percentage of them suffer from PTSD in varying degrees. I have spent hundreds of hours sitting with these men and women, listening to them, and encouraging them in their daily battle for some semblance of normalcy. Many of these heroes have told me stories of being…

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The People’s House is in need of repair.

Congressional Approval remains below 15% with 73% of Americans disapproving of Congress.

Congress is Broken. Congress currently has a disapproval rating of 73% and has not had an approval rating higher than 30% since early August of 2009. “Only 19 percent said their member of Congress considers their constituents’ best interests most of the time or all of the time. ”  We know Congress has abandoned the people…

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