Medical Marijuana – 2

Have you ever watched a loved one suffer the unbearable pain of chemotherapy and felt hopeless to help? How about an aging loved one suffer with Parkinson’s, or seizures, or PTSD? How about the side-effects from pharmaceuticals that are supposed to help?

It’s heart-wrenching. You watch the pain and suffering and feel helpless. You try to be supportive, you try to follow the doctor’s orders, you pray for an affordable legal way for your loved one to find relief. You’ve heard the anecdotes of how marijuana can help. You even voted to make sure those suffering debilitating illness can have access to medical marijuana.   But Donald Trump, Dennis Ross, the Republican Congress,  your state legislature (read Kelli Stargel and Colleen Burton), and your local authorities have all gone out of their way to make it difficult to even try this form of relief for your loved one. The Dennis Rosses of this country have forced you into a choice: watch your loved on suffer or risk you and your loved one becoming a criminal if you are caught possessing even small quantities of marijuana. The Dennis Rosses of this country have ignored your pleas and your vote.

And the reason? Dennis Ross and the Republicans care more about the profits of their campaign contributors – the pharmaceutical and insurance industries – than they do about how you vote and the suffering you and your loved ones endure. They’d rather see your parent, spouse, child, or sibling addicted to opioids and other deadly “legal” medicines suffer than risk cutting into the their donors’ corporate profits. Too many of the people we love suffer needlessly. Why? Greed.

I believe it is important to offer every kind of help available to those suffering from debilitating illnesses. I think it is cruel to withhold what could be a beneficial, non-addictive, low-side-effect, form of relief. Because of this, I pledge that when I am elected to replace Dennis Ross as your representative in congress, I will:

  1. Work to decriminalize marijuana;
  2. Work to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act;
  3. Work to pass laws making the availability of marijuana for medical purposes legal in the United States; and
  4. Work on legislation to fund research into the propriety and effectiveness of marijuana for medical purposes.

It is time that our government stopped being a tool for protecting ever greater corporate profits at the expense of the people. It is time to make government work for the best interests of the people.